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Taaqtam Müüy’müy’k - Hidden Bodies: MMIWG2 & MMIP of Central & Southern California

This project has its roots in the initiative of youth leaders of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians–namely Raven Casas, Destiny Duro, Annabella Hernandez, and Presley Calderon. Their advocacy on MMIW (missing and murdered Indigenous women) and MMIP inspired the Tribe to join them in addressing the issue, and partner with SBI to do so. SBI recommended that this partnership produce a region-specific report on MMIP in Central and Southern

California, as a sister report to the Northern California-specific publications SBI produced with the Yurok Tribe in

2020 and 2021.


Thanks to the leadership of the aforementioned San Manuel youth (Raven, Destiny, Annabella, and Presley), the project carries a powerful name–Taaqtam Müüy’müy’k, which translates to Hidden Bodies in Maarrênga’twich (Serrano language). This name calls out the injustice of the violence that has stolen so many of our Indigenous relatives from our peoples, hidden from us in data, news coverage, and in life and death. It also draws attention to the fact that for so many residents of Southern California and the world at large, the mass death and disappearance of Indigenous people in the region remains hidden from sight.


As part of the commitment of Taaqtam Müüy’müy’k to bring attention to our hidden relatives, over the past year, SBI

has compiled and analyzed the latest data on MMIP throughout Southern California. This analysis has enabled SBI

to assess the current system landscape and explore possible ways that system response may be improved to bring

cases to justice and protect our people. The goals of this project are:

  • To provide comprehensive support services to Indigenous survivors of violence and those impacted by the crisis of MMIP in Southern California.

  • Gather data on MMIP of Southern California as thoroughly as possible. This data includes the number of and dynamics of MMIP cases in Southern California, including current and historical cases as well as information on system response, capacities, and areas to improve.

  • Encourage implementation of best practices, protocols, and raise awareness on California MMIP.

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