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Sovereign Bodies Institute offers:

  • Virtual Art Therapy Circles: We're currently offering weekly beading circles for Indigenous Survivors of violence, MMIP family members, and frontline service providers working to address gender and sexual violence against Indigenous Peoples (such as DV shelter staff). 

  • Direct Services for Indigenous Survivors + MMIP Families - Can include help organizing or paying for vigils and memorials, referrals for therapists and healthcare, referrals for emergency or transitional housing, emergency financial assistance (especially housing, food, and other basic needs), custom design work for awareness designs, emotional support, legal and media advocacy, assistance in pushing cases forward, assistance in locating healing opportunities or resources. We try to work holistically to work with families and survivors--there is no one size fits all solution! If you are interested in support services, please contact us and we can talk with you about what would be most helpful for you. ​

We provide support services to Indigenous Survivors of violence and MMIP families on a as requested, limited basis. 


For questions about our services, please contact our Director of Support Services,

Shara Francis-Herne, at

For questions about case advocacy and outreach/awareness, please contact our Director of Research & Outreach Annita Lucchesi at

For all general requests regarding support services, please email

Please note that our inbox may take time to get back to you, so if it is an urgent matter please seek our help through our phone line at 707-335-6263.

Looking for another way to reach us?


Here are our socials:

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