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The Outstanding Scholar Award is given to applicants who we feel are utilizing their studies in promising ways, and show innovative and creative ideas for how they plan to build on their studies to bring healing and safety to our communities.  

Naomi W_edited.jpg

Naomi is from the (yak titʸu titʸu yak tiłhini, Northern Chumash, and the Sicangu Lakota communities), whose interdisciplinary work focuses on Indigenous Liberal Studies. Her scholarship has primarily focused on contemporary Native American experiences and expression, of Indigenous Women Issues, and Indigenous California Indians’ lack of treaty rights.


Naomi took dual credit courses in high school and entered her freshman year at the Institute of American Indian Arts as a sophomore. This year as a junior, she plans on enrolling in the University of New Mexico LSAT prep course in April. Then in June 2020, She will take the LSAT. In November of 2020, Naomi plans on applying to law schools and hopefully attending the University of New Mexico pre-law Summer Institute Program in 2021.


Ultimately, Naomi wants to use her passion and drive for social and environmental justice to help shape and draft policies that benefit indigenous people who need advocacy and justice.



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