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This toolkit is for anyone who has learned about MMIWG2 and asked, “How can I get involved? What can I do in my community?” There are entry points for people of all identities, locations, skill and education levels, occupations, and passions. We are sharing these entry points in this toolkit, with the aim of giving readers a comprehensive road map to getting started in the movement. This is not a how-to manual, it is a wayfinding guide. We can’t tell you what to do in your community, but we can help you navigate the options and give you the tools to decide for yourself what is needed.


In the chapters of the toolkit, you will see that we have organized a mix of essays, how to guides, worksheets, activity guides, discussion questions, quizzes, and fact sheets--we aimed for the toolkit to be an interactive, living document that can take on lives of its own through each of you. The toolkit is designed to have pages printed individually, ripped out of a bound copy, or reprinted--we encourage you to do all of that! We even designed the pages of the toolkit with extra margin space, so you can take notes and jot your ideas down as you go. Everything in this toolkit is free for use, and we hope you will use it in your organizing. We would love to hear how our worksheets and activity guides are useful in facilitating group discussions and organizing, or see how you’re using data from our fact sheets in your awareness materials! Please take the collective knowledge held in this toolkit and run with it in service of your community.


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