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With the recent injustices to the families of Selena NotAfraid, Kaysera StopsPrettyPlaces, and Henny Scott, we have seen a serious lack of meaningful law enforcement and justice system response to cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in southeastern Montana. These miscarriages of justice have been occurring for decades, and it is all too frequent to see law enforcement dismiss cases, not take reports properly, treat families with insensitivity, and misclassify victims of violence as deceased due to hypothermia or simply as undetermined.


SBI is working with families of missing and murdered Indigenous people in Big Horn, Rosebud, and Yellowstone counties, to fight for justice for their loved ones and to hold the law enforcement and justice system in the region accountable for their negligence and corruption. This work includes gathering comprehensive data, raising awareness on the severity of violence and the multitude of cases in the region, and active efforts to bring cases to justice by demanding that law enforcement pursue investigations to the fullest extent.


At this time, SBI has been in contact with families representing 30 MMIW/P cases in the region, and we are actively seeking to work with more. If you have an Indigenous loved one who went missing or was murdered in Big Horn, Rosebud, or Yellowstone counties, please reach out to us so we can share our work with you and invite your family to participate.

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