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Joannie Marie Suina (Pueblo of Cochiti), Ed. D, earned a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from the University of Washington in 2023. Her academic pursuits are deeply rooted in uplifting the ongoing healing endeavors spearheaded by Native communities.


Suina's educational background is extensive, reflecting her commitment to Indigenous studies and advocacy. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Native American Studies and a Master of Jurisprudence in Indian Law. Her interdisciplinary approach incorporates Indigenous storytelling, rematriation, critical literacies, qualitative research methodologies, and community praxis.


Central to Suina's work is the empowerment of Indigenous women and the amplification of their voices within healing-informed leadership practices. As a mother of four children, she embodies her values both personally and professionally.

In addition to her scholarly endeavors, Suina serves as the Director of Communications at the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition. Through her role, she contributes to the organization's mission of addressing the historical trauma inflicted upon Native American communities by Federal Indian Policy. To learn more about her work and the Coalition's initiatives, visit

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